Jordan is a small country that can be crossed by car in approximately four hours. Visitors with international driver's licenses can rent cars in Jordan from major international car rental companies and a number of local companies.

Taxis are available in the major cities, and can be contacted by telephone or simply hailed in the street. All taxis operate by meter, and can be hired for the day.

An economical method of travel within Jordan, are the white service cabs. Fares are set by the government, and tend to be lower than normal taxi fares. Service cabs operate within cities and also connect major cities and towns. Government and private buses operate within and between major cities. Private bus companies run luxury air-conditioned coaches that offer day trips to the major tourist sites. Limousine service is also available for short distances as well as day trips.

The national air carrier, Royal Wings, operates reasonably priced flights between Amman and Aqaba on frequent basis.